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New SS17 Connected Energy Diffused Bracelets & Love and Light Candles

Helping You Remember

We all wish to have something to remember a loved one with. For many it can be something as simple as a piece of jewelry. At, we are dedicated to helping you create a little reminder of loved ones who have passed, helping them continue on in your heart and mind.

New line SS17

 Connect Energy Diffused Bracelets. This line of bracelets show my growth as a jeweler in my journey which the whole world can identify with losing a love one which empowered me to do my first line. I understood the meaning to feel connected to keep that love one memory alive whether in your heart or on your wrist for the whole world to see. Now 5 years later I am now focusing on inner peace and positive energy which I know in this world today we need it more than anything. We need to have a positive outlook and mind frame to block any negative energy that come our way. There will always be obstacles in life it is how we deal with them and having a positive mind set can manifest and bring forward inner peace. God is the creator of everything we see and touch these stones and crystals are not man made they are tools from earth to use along with Gods grace they are not to be worshipped but be worn for positive energy. Being a child of God I am spiritually intune with positive energy and my sense of inner peace, wellbeing and taking care of self. These bracelets come in 12 different stones with different meanings and benefits, you can get them diffused with scents or without we have a list of scents and their benefits as well.

Love & Light Candles are handed poured lead free soy woodwick candles. They come in a variety of scents and organic herbs. They are made with the highest quality of soy wax . Some of my candles are infused with crystals as well. If you want a certain crystal or you want your own custom candle made at checkout leave in the notes. The crystals of choice rose quartz, amethyst, clear quarts. These candles burn excellent, they help to get the good vibes flowing through your environment. My candles are used for cleansing and renewing your space and energy with positivity. They can also be used for meditation, promotion of self love, grounding, gift giving or just to have as beautiful decor. I have different themes, organic herbs and scents using only white candles. Why white candles you may ask? because they are free from dyes and toxic chemicals. Also good for cleansing, repels negative energy, brings inner peace, spiritual strength , truth, and purity.   

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of your bracelet. ChantelRenea is dedicated to creating the best bracelets possible, with each one to lasting for years.

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