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Every bracelet comes with a unique story. is willing to hear yours and to help you tell others. This is a community where we uplift each other and keep our love ones memory alive. Send In your photo of your love one and your story you wish to share


Angels come to us in a variety of forms; my angel came to me in the form of my mother. And there will never be another person to take her place. As I look back and reminisce on everything my mother has instilled in me, I thank God for allowing me 34 precious and invaluable years with her. Every day I thank God for giving me the most priceless treasures, in the wonderful angel called "Mary" and the valuable, memories we shared as mother and daughter and best friends. I humbly ask God each day to help me in keeping her loving spirit and memory alive here on earth.

Before my life took this drastic turn, I was making bracelets for educational institution. Inspiring the students to be all they can be; motivating them and bolstering their confidence so that they can exceed expectations. Being a teacher allowed me to observe schools and ultimately I wanted to give back to my community. However, when I lost my mother, I fell into a deep depression, but one night my angel came to me in a dream ...... and the rest is history. LMB " Not a fashion Statement, but a Substantial Statement " "Keeping Our Love Ones Memory Alive" "Forever In Our Hearts”

When I was six, my father passed away, never really knowing him, I still felt I lost someone who meant the world to me, I only could appreciate the stories his sisters and brothers told me about him. But somehow those stories did not quite fill me up the way it did them, I never wanted to ask my grandma about him because I thought it would hurt her more to talk about him, my family say I look just like him and all I have is a picture, but I really wish I had some of his belongings or something to symbolize my love for him or to just represent his life on earth. Now that I have come a cross this website l am so happy I have someone who understands that I am not alone in this and now I can purchase a bracelet to show everyone my father is still loved and will never be forgotten by me. Losing my father made mea better person, because everyday I fight to make him proud of me. Every year on February 5, I go out and have dinner to celebrate his birthday, I never told my family but thats what I do to spend his day with him. Once I get my bracelet I will wear it everyday to celebrate him not just on his birthday, Thank-You for reading, in the loving memory of Gregory Taylor, I love you dad, love your daughter coco.

They say you are not supposing to question God's work. Just remember and cherish the good and bad times that you have shared with your loved ones. I lost my dad when I was a little girl. I was only 13 at the time. His name was Michael Oliver born on February 12,1961 to Collie and Doris Oliver in Baltimore, MD. He departed his life on March 21,1995. He was a loving and caring father to me and my brother the little bit of time he shared with us while he was here on earth. You couldn't tell me nothing about my dad, and if u talked about him I was ready to fight you. He loved to hang out with his other siblings and his cousins and believe me it was a lot of them. I am kind of frustrated because he never got to meet any of his grand kids. He would have loved them to death. I could hear him now, “Tamika what u doing with all these kids?” And I would have replied following behind grandma lls. I just want him to know that he is still loved down here on earth, and that all of his family looks out for me and my kids, so don't worry bout me get ur rest I love u but GOD loves u best. God Is Never Beyond Your Reach No one ever sought the Father and found He was not there And no burden is too heavy to be lightened by a prayer No problem is to intricate And no sorrow that we face is too deep and devastating To be soften by His grace No trials and tribulations are beyond what we can bear If we share them with our Father as we talk to Him in prayer And men of every color, every race, and every creed Have but to seek the Father in their deepest hour of need God asks for no credentials, He accepts us with our flaws He is kind and understands, and he welcomes us because We are His every children and He loves us everyone And He freely and completely forgives all that we have done Asking only if we are ready to follow where he leads Content that in His wisdom, He will answer all our needs AMEN

The Absent Heart Beat. It was October 30, 2007. I was nine months pregnant; just starting my weekly visits. The end was near for my third and final pregnancy. All of the plans had been made and executed; new house for more space, scheduled c-section, and all things baby. I arrived to my scheduled doctor's appointment to cry over my weight gain and hear my baby heart beat. But the tears I cried was not for my weight gain, it was for an absent hear beat. The baby I carried and nurtured for nine months had an absent heart. As the doctor and nurse scan over my stomach, I laid in disbelief that I would never hear my baby cry, see her smile, watch her grow, and come home to a loving family who is anxiously awaiting her arrival. The absence of Morgan's heart beat changed my life. I never thought that I could love someone that I never met so much. I stopped taking things for granted and took a step back to truly appreciate my wonderful children, husband, and family. I realized that I am not in control, as life will go on, good or bad! I miss my baby girl every day, but I know she is in a better place.

First and foremost, I have to give God all the praise and I thank God on a daily for allowing me to be apart of the late Carlos D. Williams life. I always think back on the first day we met he walked up to me and introduced himself I will never forget that day (hi my name is Carlos and you're going to be my wife.) I laugh at him and told him he was crazy and he stated yelp and you're to a year later I was Mrs.Williams lol...God is so amazing to give me his best King one I didn't think I deserve, but was blessed with any way. Beside the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior accepting Los was the next best decision I made in life he was an awesome husband, father and friend to all he met. He gave me the best 4 yrs. of my life. On March 21, 2010 Carlos was murdered on his way to work and my world was turned upside down. I thank God for placing special people in my life to hold on to me and pray for me when I couldn't pray for myself. I know my king is R.I.P missed but not forgotten.

I met and fell head over heels in love with Chris in the eighth grade year, September 1988. Unfortunately, he didn't feel the same way. He told me I used to get on his nerves because he claimed I used to stare at him while he was eating his cookies during lunch. I don't recall that ever happening, but I would pass love notes to him every single day! Well, after we graduated from middle school, we went our separate ways. We went to different high schools, colleges, and so on. Over 20 years later, we found one another on Facebook. We began sending messages and talking to on the phone, reminiscing about the past and updating one another about our lives since we last saw one another. Eventually, our relationship became serious and we became engaged! I never knew what true love was until my relationship with Chris. He was my better half. My best friend. My therapist. He was the the love of my life. He was the sweetest, funniest, kindest and loving man I've ever met. On February 20, 2013, God decided it was time for Chris to go to Heaven to be with the rest of the of the angels. Chris had been sickly for about 11 years, and God didn't want his precious angel to suffer any further. I really had, and at times, I still have a tough time dealing with his death; however, I receive comfort knowing that Chris is now watching over me. He is my angel and will always be with me. I will always love him and I know we will be reunited again when I get up there!

Loved One Transitioning- My biological father

My biological father and I have always had a very inconsistent relationship that I never understood. When we were in touch everything between us seemed great, but then he would disappear from me for months, sometimes years on end. I would often find myself angry and hopelessly wishing and waiting for him to come back. As an adult woman I maintained that distance because he refused to be held accountable for his actions throughout our relationship and eventually he developed mental illness. When I received the call that he had died it honestly did not register at first. As time went on I became disappointed and angry, but eventually relieved. I felt disappointment and anger because i felt like he had left unfinished business with me yet again and also because everyone I met that knew him said he always talked about me and loved me so much as if i had felt that experience . I felt like he had been a coward. Eventually I developed a sense of relief because this would be the last time he’d ever leave , but this time I would never have to hope that he would come back for me.

The day when death is spoken my heart always tighten as if I can't breathe.

I lost many of friends n family.

I remember when seeing my father on his bed at peace , I was very young he was my first love and I didn't know what to do. I was angry with the world. I learned to feed myself positive thoughts, but it was a Tough struggle.

To lose a friend to a Tragic incident. Is devastating

It is a different grievance process. Questions all the time God why? Thoughts of her last words and praying she did not suffer 🙏🏾 😢. 

In 2003 I was my mom donor I gave her one of my kidneys we did a kidney transplant and I was a perfect match for her and 2005 she ended having other complications but she was able to stay 2 years here with my daughter and I have no regrets and I would do it all over again

If your parents have siblings , then your blessed enough to have aunts and uncles. They are the next to your parents, My aunt was so full of life and said what she meant , she was always their for her siblings I remember when they would get into fights they would always go get her but she was the youngest , When my aunt passed she it was so hurtful because I didn’t get to talk to her to tell her I’m sorry, we had a light disagreement, but I know she know I loved her so that’s all that mattered. I remember going to see her in the hospital and I haven’t been in one sense my mom passed so my knees were weak , I thought I cousins go In her room ,when I got to the door she was smiling telling everybody that’s my niece. She knew I didn’t want to see her that way but she made me feel comfortable by talking to me laughing and joking the whole time. I’m going to miss her love, smile and her meaningful conversations. She will be forever in my heart. My color for her is pink💓.

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